Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daily Thoughts 3/1/2011 (1812, Twitter, Survey)

Unpleasant News, 1896, Rosalvo Ribeiro

Daily Thoughts 3/1/2011

Today has been a quiet, steady day.  We put out the Public Library Service Survey at the circulation desk.  It is also going to be distributed to a few other places.  Hopefully, it will help us get some more feedback about the library.  The survey is now on the front page of the library as well. http://www.mountvernonpubliclibrary.org/node/111

I read some more of 1812 this morning.  The conflict has an edge of cruelty in it more than fear.  The vampires are more violent and loathesome than fearsome.  It makes the style different than most vampire novels.

I also did a little bit more weeding in the storage area and spent some time checking the inventory.  Things are moving along steadily.  The new Twitter account hit 100 people today.  http://twitter.com/mtvernonlibrary

Three books came in for me to look at, Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman, The Experience Economy by B. Joseph Pine II and james H. Gilmore, and The Lifecycle of Software Objects.

On the way home, I finished reading 1812 by Jasper Kent.  There is a nice element of self deception in the novel which makes it quite interesting.

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