Monday, February 28, 2011

Daily Thoughts 2/28/2011 (Twelve, twitter)

[Mary Roberts Rinehart, three-quarter length, seated, facing left, reading book]

Daily Thoughts 2/28/2011 

Today has been another quiet, steady day.  I did what I usually do; check the displays, do some weeding in the storage area, go through the gifts.  We got a few gifts by the authors Omar Tyree and Eric Jerome Dickey who are very popular African American novelists.  Our budget has been cut to the bone, so it is a necessity for me to check this regularly.

I also took some time to check on the missing items report.  There were a few minor snags with the report.  The public service survey is now back on the front of the website.  I have been steadily working on the library Twitter account, it is up to 92 followers.  Each month it will steadily grow.

I have been reading Twelve by Jasper Kent.  The story is a bit different.  It is set in Russia during the Napoleonic invasion.  A lot of the story happens in Moscow.  It is both a story about warfare, spycraft, and vampires.  The vampires are more than just terrible creatures. They are terrible creatures that hunt men in the name of nation building and war.  There is a back story in this about Wallachia and the Turkish invasions which is a bit different. 

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