Friday, February 18, 2011

Daily Thoughts 2/18/2011 (the World in 2050)

Edward Lear Aged 73 and a Half and His Cat Foss, Aged 16 is a lithograph by Edward Lear from 1885

Daily Thoughts 2/18/2011

This afternoon I read some more of The World In 2050.  The author is describing how climate change will drive more people northward.  The arctic will open up and more water will be concentrated in the north in Canada and Russia.  Also Russia and Canada will have the largest remaining supply of oil in the world.  It is quite interesting.  Quite a bit of it is more than just environmental trends it is also social trends.

I have also been thinking about content management and content strategy in the context of books.  I think there are going to be openings as more publishers turn towards ebooks and enhanced ebooks.  I also think that more companies are going to be working on strategies to create large content sites for publishing. This will require skills in XML, taxonomy, metadata, and content mangement.  This is also part of the future of librarianship.

Catalogs will become more integrated and start including electronic content.  Librarians will have to expand their skils beyond books.  This is already starting with many information architects coming from a library background.  It is also starting to expand into content management where more collection oriented librarians may be heading towards.  Services like Blio from Baker and Taylor, Copia, and other social reading applications are large repositories of information and ebooks.

I may try and switch nights so I can go to the Taxonomy meetup on Wednesday.

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