Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily Thoughts 2/24/2011 (Taxonomy, Designing The Digital Experience)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Porträt von Jean und Geneviève Caillebotte, 1895

Daily Thoughts 2/24/2011

I missed my stride a little bit yesterday.  There were two books that came in, Twelve Russia 1812 by Jasper Kent and Designing The Digital Experience by David Lee King.  I have started reading Designing The Digital Experience.  It starts by reminding us that the customer is at the center, not the programs or gadgets.

I put the book, The Accidental Taxonomist by Heather Hedden on interlibrary loan request.  It was a suggested title from the Taxonomy Meetup last night.  I very much enjoyed going to this.  Fleur Levitz was the organizer for the meetup from Morgan Stanley.  It was interesting talking about the taxonomy setup of the New York Times Kristi Reilly.  They use computer programs to extract some of the metatags, then they adjust them with people.

On the way home, I read some more of Designing The Digital Experience by David Lee King.  He is describing how it is important to make certaing processes simple.  He also talks about how websites need to be designed in a user friendly way.

Today, I checked the displays, did some more weeding in the storage area, and spent some time checking the inventory.  We also had a large donation of art books most of which went into the book sale.

This afternoon was the last session of the Women's Enterprise Development Center for this month.  They did a session in the computer lab.

Please take some time to read this.  It is about proposed cuts to the New York City libraries which will force more layoffs in Manhattan.

Web Bits

Bookselling Without Borders from Green Apple Books. This is a truly excellent store.

Bloomberg Proposes 22 Percent Less Money for NYC Libraries  

(Ebooks) From some perspectives, we are tipping right now and publishers’ metrics will show it

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