Monday, February 11, 2013

Daily Thoughts 02/11/2013

Sir Henry Irving as Hamlet, 1893 from the Idler magazine. 

Daily Thoughts 02/11/2013

I took some time to rest this weekend.  I had to cancel going to the Book2Camp conference.  I also did not read that much.  I did finish reading The One World School House by Salman Khan.  It is an interesting idea.  Salman Khan is coming up with a different approach to education focusing on online learning, mastery, and principles.  Most of the focus on his video education site is on science, computing, engineering, and math.  Quite a few schools use the video lectures in their classes.  An interesting idea which he has is of separating the lecture from the class.  People watch a lecture at home, then discuss and do the work in the classroom with other students and the teacher.

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A Demo of One Step Checkout for Overdrive.
This looks a lot better than it is now.

Used Ebooks The Ridiculous Idea that Could Also Destroy the Publishing Industry

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