Monday, March 24, 2014

Daily Thoughts 03/24/2014

Jean-Etienne Liotard-- Lady In a Turkish Dress Reading, between 1740 and 1742
Daily Thoughts 03/24/2014

I spent some time checking the Facebook and Twitter for the library.  I also read a little bit more of No Ordinary Time. There is about Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt deciding who would focus on the atomic bomb.

I spent some more time reading The Second Machine Age.  The book is writing about how Moore's Law applies not to just to computer power, but all the different peripheral devices around computers like batteries and sensors.

I read a little bit more of The Second Machine Age in the laundromat.  I am reading about how digitization has become ubiquitious.  It is not just about digitizing information, it is about the increasing amount of digital sensors that surround us.

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Where the President’s Budget Would Leave Libraries
The goal is to grow digital infrastructure.

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