Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Daily Thoughts 04/12/2016

Portrait of a Physician in His Library.jpg
Portrait of a Physician In His Library, Cornelis Janssens Van Ceulen, 1636

Daily Thoughts 04/12/2016

I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library this morning.

On the way to work, I read some more of Originals.  I am reading about solutions to groupthink and how to make dissent palatable.

I checked the gift books and the displays.

I read the latest copy of the New York Times Book Review.

I finished writing my monthly report for April 2016.

Emotional Wellness Week is on May 1- May 7, 2016.

There is a jazz concert today from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the community room.

I spent some time learning how to use the weeding tablet set up by the Westchester Library System.  It is quite easy to use.  Marking items as missing is very easy.  We went both upstairs and downstairs to figure out how the tablet worked.  I have the tablet until May 10, 2016.  There are currently three tablets available by appointment through the Westchester Library System.  It works by setting a date and time based on circulation to check the collection.

Right now, I am in the computer lab.

I am spending some time working with the time sheet system.

On the way home, I finished readings Originals How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant.  This book combines inspiration with business.  There is a special section called Actions for Impact which outlines all the different actions suggested in each chapter.  It is the best part of the book.  The book has an index and references.  There were some parts of the book, I found a little odd.  For example, he uses Martin Luther King Jr. to illustrate some points on business as well as the activist, Srdja Popovic.  Both examples seemed to be out of context.  Adam Grant also sometimes attaches numbers to things which seem qualitative.

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