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Daily Thoughts 05/06/2016

Brooklyn Public Library sunset jeh.JPG
Brooklyn Public Library at Sunset, June 2008, Jim Henderson Public Domain

Daily Thoughts 05/06/2016

I am at the Weird Library Science Conference put together by Urban Libraries Unite in the Brooklyn Public Library.  I like the coffee.  Brooklyn Public Library is where I started my library career.  I worked in the History/Biography/Religion section at the main library for a while. I got a Brooklyn Public Library Card today.  If you live in New York State you can get a library card in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan.  I first used the Information Commons.  Now, I am on my lunch break for the conference.  I am in the Computer Center here.  I checked my email and the Twitter and Facebook for the library.

The information sessions have been very interesting.  I will write about them tomorrow when I have a little bit more time.  I am taking the advocacy sessions, a topic which I find very useful.

I saw a few people from the Westchester Library System and a few other people as well.  I had a big breakfast this morning, so I can skip lunch and be focused on the conference.

I read a little bit more of The Invaders.  I am reading about the difference between neanderthals and humans.

The last session was especially wonderful.  I rather like Urban Librarians Unite.  They do the things that libraries really can't do themselves that easily for advocacy and push boundaries. is an excellent organization.

Every Library was there as well.  They are a political action committee for libraries.  I have donated money to them before and think they do an excellent job of advocacy.

I got two books from Random House Library Marketing who were vendors at the conference, Three Martini Lunch by Suzanne Rindell and 32 Yolks by Eric Ripert.

There was library cake at the end.

I decided not to go to the afterparty, it has been a challenging week.

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