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Daily Thoughts 05/20/2016

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New Library of St. Genevieve, Library of Congress, December 31, 1885

Daily Thoughts 05/20/2016

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

I read some more of The Disaster Diaries last night.  I am reading about the importance of staying fit before a disaster strikes, and that all the different possible disasters have different skill sets to survive.

I am going to the Melville House Publishing preview today.  Melville House in the DUMBO neighborhood in Manhattan.  It is an interesting place.  I have gone there a number of times.

I finished reading The Disaster Diaries  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse by Sam Sheridan.  The author trains himself in the different skills he would need to survive a variety of different apocalyptic situations.  At the end of chapter, he tells a story of survival with his family.

He goes to driving school, survival camp, knife fighting training, shooting training, learns emergency medicine, studies post traumatic stress, and ponders leadership.  He gets ready for the end of the world as we know it.  I especially like when he goes to Alaska to learn how to survive in the snow.  The book is quite entertaining.  It is not just about survival, it is also about self-reliance and discipline.  I enjoyed reading this book.

I also finished reading The Third Wave An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future by Steve Case.  This book has a lot more to offer than just technology.  Steve Case writes about how government interacts with high technology companies.  He also describes a plan focused on spreading out start up cultures in different cities all over the United States and the world.  There is a lot about how to make United States business more competitive and more open to innovation.  If you are interested in business and technology, this book is worth reading.

The Melville House event was quite interesting.  I got there early and had an almond croissant and a cup of coffee while I read some before the event started.  I also had a chance to look around the Melville House bookstore.  Before the event started, I picked up a few advanced reading copies from Melville House.

The presentation was quite interesting.  I will write more about it tomorrow.  I need to summarize it for both my job and this blog.

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