Friday, March 13, 2009

Daily Thoughts 3/13/2009

John White Alexander: The Printing Press [showing Johannes Gutenberg] (from the cycle "The Evolution of the Book")Library of Congress (Jefferson Building), Washington, D.C.

Daily Thoughts 3/13/2009

This morning I read some more of Words In Your Face. This is taking a very long time to read. Also, in poetry mode, I watched a bit of Poetry In Motion. I really enjoyed seeing Charles Bukowski telling us that poetry needs more moxie. Also, hearing Amiri Baraka recite a poem to jazz music was quite entertaining. So far, this is a really good art film worth watching.

I am trying to arrange for the Sunday Matinee films committee to pick out films for May and June. Also, I have been trying to make sure all the flyers are ready for upcoming programs. Things have been extremely busy.

This afternoon, the new librarian shadowed me doing reference. They are putting in new carpeting in the reference room, so I spent most of the afternoon at the circulation desk. I also gave a brief tour of our storage area and showed her some of our rare books, government documents collection, fiction storage and nonfiction storage. We are a repository for the last copies in our county, so we have a lot of unique old books.

Web Bits

While reading through Library Journal, I noticed that there were four librarians listed as top twitterers, Jessamyn West, David Lee King, Michael Stephens, Karen Schneider, and Stephen Abraham. I also found out that the Ann Arbor District Library in Michigan has an Iphone interface for their library catalog.

Harlequin Romance books is giving away a set of 16 free ebooks on It is an interesting sign. I have been seeing a lot of publishers giving away free ebooks lately.

I registered on RedRoom which is supposed to be a site for authors. It is billed as Facebook for authors. I sincerely hope that it is not Facebook. I first heard about this group during the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing conference.

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