Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daily Thoughts 3/12/2009

Pablo Neruda reading at the Library of Congress, United States, June 20, 1966, government photograph, public domain.

Daily Thoughts 3/12/2009

I am off today. I walked around the neighborhood and walked up to my local library. All of the computers were full with people. The building was full as well. I did not pick up anything to read today at the library.

I am still listening to the cd that came with the book, I Can Make You Thin, and doing the exercises from Yoga RX. I have lost a pant size and have had to rummage through my closet to get my old clothes that did not fit before. I am going to have to have my pants taken in. My doctor asked me to do aerobic exercise every day to increase my heart rate. I am trying to compromise on this by doing lots of walking. I don't particularly like to move quickly.

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