Saturday, March 14, 2009

Daily Thoughts 3/14/2009

Sir Roger Newdigate in the Library at Arbury Arthur Devis (1712-1787) Oil on canvas.

Daily Thoughts

Today is a quiet day. I filed some law looseleafs and updates for the law collection. I also switched out a few reference books. I updated the current events display a bit as well. The new carpet is down right now. It makes the flooring look much nicer in the reference room.

I am working on a list of websites for collection development; places to find good reviews of books. If you can think of any with lots of depth please let me know. I also updated Some Excellent Places for Book Reviews And Reading in my sidebar with a few more links today.

Right now, there is a copy of Social Software In Libraries, Building Collaboration, Communication and Community Online by Meredith G. Farkas on my desk. It is something that I have wanted to read for a while. I hope that it offers me some more insight into social media for libraries.

I am also looking at reading The Speed of Trust The One Thing That Changes Everything by Stephen M.R. Covey with Rebecca R. Merrill.

I finished watching Poetry In Motion, a Ron Mann film. It was a series of performances by poets. These were not staid performances. John Giorno was frenetic drunk and intense reading his poetry in front of his audience. Allen Ginsberg read his poetry in accompaniment to electric guitars. One of Allen Ginsberg's poems was a political poem, another was an ode to meditation.

Amiri Baraka read his poetry to Jazz accompaniment. Diane Di Prima had a real presence reading her poetry. My favorite poet was Helen Adam, she had spunk, bite, and character. This is a film well worth watching. Allen Ginsberg reminds us that the poet can tell the truth.

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Louise | Italy said...

Beautiful image! That's how I used to feel sitting, inspiration-less, in the Reading Room at the Old British Library at London's British Museum!