Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daily Thoughts 7/10/2010

Simonsstraße in Wuppertal, created 29. May 2010, Frank Vincentzm Gnu Free Documentation License 1.2

Daily Thoughts 7/10/2010

I am being asked to look over Digg and Reddit by a friend to see if I can come up with suggestions for a business. He is looking to create several niche sites. I am thinking about how to do niche media oriented sites. I have a number of ideas which should be interesting. I suggested a book called Viral Loop: From Facebook to Twitter, How Today's Smartest Businesses Grow Themselves by Adam L. Penenberg (Hardcover - Oct. 13, 2009). I also mentioned two human powered directories for him to look at Mahalo and Finding Dulcinea .

I read some more of the Zen of Social Media Marketing. It convinced me to go back and update my Linked In profile. I am working on making it better. It also convinced that to improve my blog I have to learn a little bit about digital photography and web video. This means, I might have to invest in a digital camera and learn how to use it. There is a little bit of money which is from Amazon affiliates. I think I might use that to buy a cheap digital camera so I can learn to shoot and upload photos and learn to use flickr. This would be a first step before learning how to use digital video.

I have decided to not review Dean Koontz Frankenstein Lost Souls. It had a kind of blase quality to it which was neither good or bad. It was designed to be popular and was written in a vernacular that I found rather boring, not bad, just boring. It is hard for me to think it was terrible, just not the book for me. Other people may like it, but it did nothing good or bad for my reading experience.

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