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Daily Thoughts 09/16/2013

Young Woman In A Kimono Reading, 1887, Emile Bernard

Daily Thoughts 09/16/2013

Last night, I finished reading The Thicket by Joe Lansdale. I read it in one day. The story had me from the start. It feels more like a camp fire yarn than a western. There is a lot of humor in the story. I liked that the characters were just a little less bad than the bad men who they were hunting.

The heros are a black grave digger with a big shotgun, a somewhat feral hog, a dwarf sharpshooter, and a young man who has had his preacher father shot by outlaws. The story progresses very quickly because it is the story of a chase. It picks up all kinds of quirky characters, a prostitute with good intentions, a sheriff who wants to hunt outlaws, and constantly runs into danger. The bad men are very bad. They even include a bad woman who ends up dead.

It is an enjoyable read meant for adults. The language is fairly colorful. There are themes of redemption, revenge, and how the despised can end up more dangerous than the average person.

I also finished reading The Devil In the Grove which is about the Groveland Boys four young African Americans being held on trial for the rape of a white girl in Florida during the 1950s. Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP play a prominent role in the reporting as well as Sheriff Willie McCal and the Klu Klux Klan. The story itself is quite gripping.

This morning, on the way to work, I was reading Handling the Truth on the Writing of the Memoir by Beth Kephart. She is describing the use of the weather and the setting to set the tone of a memoir. This morning, I checked the displays, checked the library social media, and arranged for a few minor changes to the computer class schedule. I also did a little more weeding in the oversize books. I have to work on ordering and write the monthly report today.

I spent a bit of time on ordering, put the monthly report together, and sent in the August monthly report.

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