Saturday, January 11, 2014

Daily Thoughts 01/11/2014

Jacek Malczewski, Model, 1907

Daily Thoughts 01/11/2014

I was at the Mount Vernon City Council Meeting for the Budget.  I got there early as usual and waited for the doors to open at 6:45 p.m..  I was there to observe.  The director of the Mount Vernon Public Library spoke in support of the library.  I got a copy of the budget.  Several members of the Friends of the Mount Vernon Public Library were at the meeting as well as some of the staff members of the library.  This is the beginning of the process.  The interchange between the public, the comptroller, the city council, and the mayor was quite contentious.  It was worth seeing.  News Channel 12 was there, the local papers were there, and the event was live streamed.
Residents, city officials upset over tax increases in proposed 2014 Mount Vernon budget.

I have been steadily reading more of Strategy A History.  I am reading about political strategy which is different.  There are a lot of ideas like ruling class and hegemony.  Also, we get to learn about the different approaches of conflict which different political philosophies use.

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook pages this afternoon.

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