Sunday, October 9, 2016

Daily Thoughts 10/09/2016

John Keats, portrait by Joseph Severn.jpg
Portrait of John Keats, Joseph Severn, Between 1821 and 1823

Daily Thoughts 10/09/2016

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook.

I read some more of Jerusalem by Alan Moore.  A major theme of the book is Saint Peter traveling from Jerusalem to the center of England where he buries an old stone cross from Jerusalem.

I read a little bit more of Death's End.  The first chapter starts with Mehmed II conquering Constantinople.

I read Beautiful Trouble A Toolbox for Revolution Assembled by Andrew Boyd and David Oswald Mitchell-- Pocket Edition. It is a short book of 138 pages.  This is a tactics books for protests. It describes how things like flash mobs, occupations, general strikes mass street protests, guerrilla theater, how to protest when protest is illegal, nonviolence, and hoaxing work along with many other methods. Each explanation is very short, about two pages long. There also is quite about how strategy and tactics work in politics from a left viewpoint.  Patrons have asked me for books on nonviolence, protests, and political action.  There is quite a bit on the tactics of the civil rights movement, Greenpeace, and the Occupy movement in this book.

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