Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feedback (Please Fight) (Suggestion Box)

Feedback (Please Fight)

I really liked the comment telling me my blog is tedious and needs to include a lot more of my own voice. I need to see more comments like this. I want combative statements about what I can do to improve this blog.

There has been an incredible drop in readership. Some people are calling what I am writing tedious and pedestrian. Reveal more about yourself and what you do. Liven things up.

Please take the time to comment on all aspects of this blog. Unless I see comments from you about what you want, I can't make this blog more to your liking. I want comments that make me think and force me to reveal things which I find interesting.

Controversy is a good thing for this site. I want to include material that is controversial. Please let me know what you think.

I was reading Impact by Ken McArthur and he says it perfectly about customer service. First you have to answer peoples needs. Then you have to listen to their suggesstions. If you have no suggestions for me to listen to, I can't give you more of what you want. Then you have to implement what people have suggested.

No feedback. No implementation. We keep a notepad at work at the reference desk. We write down books which we don't have on the notepad for purchase. We also make some comments on suggested ideas. The notepad is a hideous green color, but despite its color, it is still very useful.

Right now, I feel a little like I am begging for money. Amazon has a donation program where you can request money from bloggers. I would feel remiss to do this.

I am not going to beg you for money. But, I do feel like I am going to request a little bit for feedback.


Anonymous said...

Here are some suggestions:

I like the content of your blog, but I think that the design needs some serious overhauling - central aligning of the header and maybe a bit more colour?

Also, it would be easier to read your content if you'd use a sans serif font.

And - I don't know if blogger offers that, but post breaks for the long posts makes it easier to browse your site.

Have a look at your sidebar - maybe you can rearrange things, make it a bit more ordered and accessible?

That's a lot of points, I hope you don't mind. But I really like your blog and it would be a shame to see it go to waste.

If you have any questions - ask!

Book Calendar said...

Thanks I appreciate the suggestions. I think I can change to a sans serif. I will do that right now.

Book Calendar said...

They didn't have Sans Serif, I switched to Verdana which is easier to read and I changed the background color a bit. I am going to have to figure out how to center the header more.

kalafudra said...

Verdana is a Sans Serif font, and it really is easier to read, don't you think?

I also like the new background colour. It's calmer, somehow.

The resizing of the header is a great idea!