Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Biocrude From Algae Produced In New Zealand

First Biocrude From Algae Produced In New Zealand

The first commercially viable algae oil has been produced in New Zealand from the company Aquaflow Bionomics.


This represents a breakthrough which could change the energy market. Already, there has been a round the world flight using 100% biodiesel http://www.greenflightinternational.com . Boeing company is heavily invested in Aquaflow Bionomics.

This has the potential for major changes in the energy industry, not just in New Zealand but all over the world. It also offers a cost effective way to remediate wastewater.

Hopefully, this will mean some major changes in the viability of biofuels as a replacement for oil. Biocrude could be used to create a variety of products.

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