Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Long Day

A crowded day in Manhattan. Everything moves slow as molasses.

Long Day

Today has started out as a very long day. I went into Manhattan in a cab this morning and it was United Nations week, this made me very late to where I was going. Police were lining the streets directing traffic so it would not interfere with the diplomats. I could not stand it. It basically shot most of my morning. Cabs are for comfort in Manhattan. The subway is usually faster.

I read a little bit more of Too Many Curses. It is turning out to be quite entertaining. Many of the characters are based on different jokes, cliches, or literary allusions. There is a skeleton named Dan who is probably modeled after Dangerous Dan McGrew, there is the monster under the bed, the vampire king, and the hanged man in the library (think the boardgame Clue). The writing is light and full of puns and rhyming. It is fun but not very literary in nature. I rather like it. I am not sure it is something for the critics, however.

On the way in to work, I stopped at Posman books in Grand Central Terminal and took a few minutes to look at the computer books. I like Posman books because it is well lit, orderly, and easy to find books there. I noted some titles to order, but I only had a few minutes before my train came. Such is life.

Work has been typical, but boring. I did all of my daily tasks, weeding, ordering, sitting on the desk, ordering annual reports, and filing some looseleafs for the law. It is steady and monotonous. I am thinking of ordering books based on the major employees in the town I am working in; nursing, hvac, refrigeration, construction, social work, welding, and manufacturing.

Today seems like it is not going anywhere yet. I have to see. I had some soup and a buttered roll for dinner. Right now, I am sitting down and typing for a minute. Life goes on.

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