Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Afternoon


Good Afternoon

I am sitting here wondering why I am writing anything at all. As one of my colleagues said, why did you come in yesterday, you are off tomorrow. I felt I had to in order to make things proper. Logic is not one of my strong points sometimes. I am off today, because I am working on Saturday.

Anyways, I am going to Bridges Out of Poverty Part 2 tomorrow at The Hudson River Museum. The train ride is rather pleasant. You ride past a large lake which is rather picturesque. I went to Bridges Out of Poverty Part 1 over a year ago, somehow, now I will be able to claim I will have gone to both sessions. I hardly remember the first session. Anyways, that belies the major purpose of these workshops which is to drink coffee and talk to your colleagues.

Right now, I am about half way through Reading The OED. I am up to the letter M. The book of course is in alphabetical order. Ammon Shea has a website conveniently listed on the back flap of the dust jacket along with his photograph.

On another work related thought, I have found to still be quite useful. Many of the things I am ordering now simply will never have reviews. Intellectuals rarely review books on lathes, concrete, computers, or career books. They are not filled with words to be analyzed. They are practical, something which few intellectuals are. I guess this might be one of the reasons I am currently reading Reading the OED.

Often, the only way to know which books to order is to visit bookstores and libraries and look at what they have. This means physically examining, handling, and reading portions of the books. After a while, you grow to enjoy this, especially if you are as obsessive as I am.

Right now, I think I am going to take a break and boil some water for more tea.

After reading Ammon Shea's book, I find him to be a true Vocabularian (n.) one who pays too much attention to words. (P.134) Reading The OED. The book is still simmering in my brain. I'll probably write a review of it while I'm on the train to the Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop.

Sometimes while you are going through checking for people who have linked to your page, you find the oddest things. I have a new idea to add to the Super Librarian concept, the Jedi Librarian. Maybe I should get out my lightsaber. May the farce be with you.


Dorlana said...

Good Morning,
Thanks for the great website link - zoomii books - I am going to pass the link on to my writers group. They should get a kick out of it. Don't forget to buy some fun fiction books while you are shopping. :)

Book Calendar said...

I've found it very interesting.