Saturday, October 4, 2008



I am finding twitter to be an excellent marketing tool. Tonight I went through some of the more popular blogs which follow me and checked to see if there were followers of their sites which I might want to follow. I know, it seems indiscriminate, but I think of twitter as a way to announce yourself to the world.

I also took a few minutes to subscribe to all the batman characters on twitter. DC is doing a marketing campaign for the Dark Knight. I found a few other comic book characters mixed in with the batman characters, Superman, Green Lantern, and Tony Stark. The batman characters talk to each other on twitter.

Some of the things which I use twitter for are:

1) Write short haiku or poetry.
2) Post quotes from famous people.
3) Announce what I am reading.
4) Put links to my blog posts.
5) Put links to sites which I find interesting.
6) Discuss which conventions or events I am going to.
7) Subscribe to news services like AP, CNN, or LISNews.
8) Subscribe to publishers of books.
9) Subscribe to publishers of graphic novels.
10) Find new blogs and websites to visit.
11) Send direct messages to sites which I like.
12) The @replies keeps track of who you have talked to.
13) Send private messages about different things.
14) Be entertained by other peoples posts.
15) Find new reading material; books, magazines, and websites
16) I often find many of the people on twitter also have blogs which I follow elsewhere. Cromely on Twitter has a very nice blog.
17) There is a twitter group on Blogcatalog which I am a member of.


Cromely said...

Thanks for shout out.

I'm using Twitter a lot more now that I have a smart phone. It's great for random thoughts. I the 140 character limit means I can be free-er with my Tweets than I can with my posts. On my blog, if I say something I really should back it up. That's not an option on Twitter.

It seems a number of folk in Seattle use Twitter to organize actual meat space gatherings. It's a great way to meet people beyond the screen.

Book Calendar said...

So far, I haven't lost anything on twitter yet. I have only had one really unique twitter thing happen. Someone is sending me an advanced reading copy for my book.

ibpurpledragon said...

Once again you present a good idea for follow up.