Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daily Thoughts 3/10/2009

Colored engraving created in about the 19th century. Artist unknown.

Daily Thoughts 3/10/2009

I have my poetry program today. I have been working on making sure everything works for the program. I made sure the room was setup, the snacks were bought, asked about the microphone, and got some poetry books to bring in to show. I have the poetry I am going to read ready. Already, one person has shown up to read. I will make the announcement soon.

I feel a tiny bit embarrassed. One person showed up to the poetry open microphone initially. Then there were nine people at the end. I was hoping for more people. We have a new assistant director. She came and listened to a few poems. I have to work on getting more people. She is looking at ways to increase our attendance.

Sometimes I think I am writing anti-poetry, or poetry that defies normal conventions but still has forms, but not the forms that match with tradition. This is a link to a short essay on anti-poetry. http://www.nicanorparra.uchile.cl/english/technique.html Some people might call it non-poetry.

This morning, I read another of Deborah Chester's books, The Ring, on the train to work. This is the second book in the series. I am enjoying it very much.


Louise | Italy said...

Hi! Just to let you know that I'm publishing your interesting review of The Caryatids today. Please feel free to pick up the Biblios Reviewer badge!


Thank-you. Louise

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Thank you for doing this.