Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Sword, The Ring, and The Chalice by Deborah Chester

The Sword, The Ring, and The Chalice by Deborah Chester

This is a three book high fantasy series. High fantasy concerns kings and nobles in a fantasy setting. The book is in the older tradition of writing. There are no gaming references in the book and the author tries to use older names for different groups like elddin for elves. The book has a classic formula which has been used many different times.

The rightful king is driven from his realm by his usurping brother. He must hide the three keys to the kingdom, the sword, the ring, and the chalice so that they later can be reclaimed. He also hides his son, Dain from prying eyes.

Dain does not know who he is and must through various trials reclaim his birthright and his kingdom. This is the story of how he becomes a squire, then a baron, then reclaims his kingdom. There are all the elements of a good fantasy series, poison, intrigue, kidnapping, swordplay, court politics, evil magic, and a reformed church that no longer follows the old ways. On the good side there are the humans, eld, and dwarves, on the bad side, there are the bad humans, nonkind and soul eaters, and evil sorcery.

Each book is about the process of reacquiring the three keys to the kingdom. First Faldain must become knighted and have a sword, then he must become royalty and have a ring, and then he must seek out the chalice and get a kingdom. Each book is a self contained quest.

The writing is solid, predictable, and enjoyable. There is very little that is new. It is a nice escape to read these books. They have a nice mix of heady battles and courtly intrigue and romance. The reading is light and quick. The kind of book where you can read it on the train without missing anything. I could only find images for The Sword and The Ring on Amazon, but not the chalice.


Lynn said...

I have this trilogy. I really enjoyed it and remember when I read it that I eagerly awaited the third installment. I plan on reading it again. I enjoy the series type of books as I usually don't want a good storyline to end.

Book Calendar said...

Thanks for coming by.

ibpurpledragon said...

Glad you liked it. Feel free to grab the cover of Chalice off of my blog, or I can email it to you.
BTW, I am talking to publisher Lulu about "I Like to Whine" and they asked me if I needed a library of congress number. Told me to ask a librarian. Soo.. if I want to get my book into libraries do I need a library of congress number. if you want to email me direct.

Book Calendar said...

A library of congress number is a good idea, it tells a person where the book should go in a library. If you want to know where your book is, get a library of congress number. Not everyone gets it though.