Thursday, October 22, 2009

Daily Thoughts 10/22/2009

Brownie Books Digital ID: 1258874. New York Public Library

Brownie Books, Palmer Cox, 1893-1924, New York Public Library Digital Gallery

Daily Thoughts 10/22/2009

I am off today. I am thinking a little bit about the trade paperbacks. The last librarian who was ordering books ordered a number of specialty books in our fiction trade paperback collection; african writers, caribbean writers, international writers, literary writers from small presses. This makes it challenging sometimes in weeding. There are some titles that are part of obscure series based on modern classics or avant garde writing. I have found a few university press books, Dalkey Archive Press, and Black Sparrow Press books which are quite interesting. There are also a number of classic quality writers I am moving into storage because although they do not have tremendous circulation, they are representative of early lesser known works of very prominent writers.

I was off today because I work Saturday. I walked over to my local library and picked up The Art of Innovation Lessons In Creativity From Ideo America's Leading Design Firs by Tom Kelley and Jonathan Litman.

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