Monday, December 14, 2009

Daily Thoughts 12/14/2009

Photo of Isabel Jay as Mabel in The Pirates of Penance 1897. The image was interesting.

Daily Thoughts 12/14/2009

Today has been a day to help different people with their orders. I have been looking at nonfiction dvds, books on sermons, christian fiction, and reference books and reading various review magazines to prepare for next months orders. Mostly it has been about making sure everything is put in place. I designated some of my budget to make sure that the costs for rebinding some of the damaged books was covered.

Everything seems to be going pretty smoothly today. They are working on moving the fiction books in the mezzanine and shifting the books on the main floor to relocate the fiction books. Lots of books are being moved around right now.

We have a new sign put up for our new arrivals section.

Some of the art books which were ordered as part of our grant money have come in. I am looking at Louvre 400 Masterpieces, a Musee De Louvre Editions book published by Abrams. It is a very beautiful book with color photographs.

Tomorrow we are doing the first Graphic Novels club. It will be on Neil Gaiman, Sandman. Right now, I am looking at The Sandman Library, Seasons of Mists, Volume 4. P. Craig Russell is one of the artists. It is very interesting.

Sports Illustrated Tablet. It is an interesting mix of media and video, very different than a book.

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