Friday, December 4, 2009

Daily Thoughts 12/4/2009

David Laing, 1862, by William Fettes Douglas (1822-1891), National Gallerys Scotland, Accession no. PG 2041, Medium: Oil on canvas, Size: 25.50 x 63.50 cm; Credit: Given to the Royal Scottish Academy by the artist 1862; presented to the National Gallery of Scotland by the RSA 1910 and transferred to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery 1964

Daily Thoughts 12/4/2009

I spent some time ordering books this morning. I read the latest New York Times Book Review and Kirkus Reviews. I also looked at reviews from various sites again. We have a large year end cash infusion to order a variety of materials. This will allow me to order some graphic novel sets instead of individual issues and pick out some of the better quality titles I missed during the year for literature as well as get some newer computer books.

I am also starting the process of creating a "Graphic Novels Club". I just got a new library card for the club and put a bunch of Neil Gaiman's Sandman on hold. I see lots of book clubs at libraries, but no graphic novel clubs. Another name that was suggested was "Manga Lounge". I think "Manga Lounge" would work better for teenagers.

I read some more of Trust Agents by Chris Brogan during lunch time over coffee at the local diner. Chris Brogan has a real knack for describing nonintrusive methods for networking. He describes how to maximize contacts instead of pushing on individuals. This evening, I finished reading it. If you read carefully, he makes some useful suggestions for social media. I used a few of his suggestions to clean up my twitter account partially.

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