Saturday, June 11, 2011

Daily Thoughts 6/11/2011 (book sale, survey)

Adrian van Ostade, Portrait of a scholar. 1665

Daily Thoughts 6/11/2011

I am reading Confucius The Analects.  I like the other name which people use for Confucius, Master Kong.   The book has some very interesting insites in how to be harmonious and get along with other people.

This morning, I put some books on African art and photography in the display cases next to the exhibit Out of Africa.  We have a very large collection of oversize art books. I also updated some of the books on the current events table. Out of Africa Exhibit

We have the Friends of the Library Book Sale today.  I'll probably pick up some baked goods and coffee at lunch time.  The book sale went steadily today.

I also took some time to review the survey; French and Spanish are the two most asked for languages at our library.  People are asking for more computers and computer classes.  Most of it is very straightforward.  People especially like the exhibits and art gallery displays.  We have a very large new books section and quite a few glass display cases to display materials.  Patrons also like arts and crafts quite a bit.

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