Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daily Thoughts 6/8/2011

Don Quichotte bei der Lektüre. Bleistift auf Velin. Ca. 23,5 : 16 cm. Rechts unten monogrammiert "AF".

Daily Thoughts 6/8/2011

I read a bit more of Idea Man by Paul Allen.  It gives some really excellent descriptions of how driven people can be.  I really like the descriptions of Bill Gates drinking endless cups of coffee and coca cola and programming all night long.  The raw drive is pretty incredible to read about.

Today has been another quiet day.  I checked the Twitter account in the morning, checked the displays, and discussed the ereader policy today.  I also wrote a few handouts and set up a program for an author talk.

Tomorrow, the Friends of the Library will be setting up the community room for the book sale.

I took some time to read through Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and the latest New York Times Book Review.  There are two books that I will probably read that are coming out soon.  The first is Ekaterina Sedia, Heart of Iron and the other is Gail Carriger, Heartless.  Both of these are steampunk novels by women writers with very unique styles.

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