Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daily Thoughts 6/2/2011 (Slide show)

[Bookplate of Charles P. Searle] Print shows a man sitting in a library or study reading a large book monogramed "CPS".  Date Created/Published: [1904]

Daily Thoughts 6/2/2011

I spent a bit of time updating the Twitter acount and getting ready for the order meeting.  We are working on getting up some more images for the gallery of the library.  We have added eight more historic library images to the website.  The section is called Reference Through the Ages.

The ordering meeting went well.  It is the first time we have done ordering for a while.  Next week is the Friends of the Library Book Sale on June 10 and June 11.  It is also the week which we are restarting Saturday hours.  Saturday hours are what patrons have been asking for the most.   I am also working on a contract for a computer teacher to come in once a week to teach classes.

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3rd Annual Librarian Shout and Share on Youtube from Book Expo America

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