Sunday, November 11, 2012

Daily Thoughts 10/11/2012

Portrait of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), John White Alexander, 1912 or 1913

Daily Thoughts 10/11/2012

I spent some time looking at the classics section of the Strand Bookstore online.  I am thinking of getting some of the very high quailty editions from Library of America of authors like Zora Neale Hurston, James Baldwin, John Cheever, Isaac Bashevis Singer, and Carson McCullers which you cannot get anywhere else.  I am also looking at Dalkey Archive Press which publishers literary works.  Another press which has literary works is Black Sparrow Books   Many literary works and classics are hard to find from mainstream presses.

I try and follow fair use.  This is an article from NOLO, The Fair Use Rule When Use of Copyrighted Material is Acceptable.   There are also issues of professional courtesy, not everyone wants their images or names to be in a blog.  I have removed peoples names at their request as well as a few images that were part of an organization even though the image itself was no longer under copyright.  This is a matter of professional courtesy which is important.  I try and use images that are no longer under copyright.  I try and not use creative commons images that much because it is rather interesting what people will consider a commercial use.  Many organizations and people use digital watermarks to track where their images are.  It is possible to do reverse image searches using a search engine called TinEye to find out where an image is posted.

This afternoon, I read some more of The End of Business As Usual by Brian Solis.  Brian Solis is describing corporate culture and social responsibilty.  He writes about how companies are using things like fair trade to brand their products as being responsible as well as messages about how happy you will be to buy their products.

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