Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Daily Thoughts 04/02/2013

Works Project Administration Poster Collection, Library of Congress, Poster for free "victory concerts" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street, New York City, showing Nike of Samothrace

Daily Thoughts 04/02/2013

I checked the libraries Twitter and Facebook accounts.  I also paid my Metro Individual membership.  Hopefully, they should have some interesting professional development programs.

I spent some time finishing putting in the poetry display for April.  It is National Poetry month.  I also wrote my monthly report for March.

We had the computer classes tonight.

I read some more of Publishing E-books for Dummies today.  The author is describing a process called price pulsing where prices are purposefully varied to increase sales.  For example, a new book will be priced cheap at 99 cents and as the number of sales increase, the price will rise.  Another example would be lowering the price of the first book in a series, or an older book to attract more readers.  It is an interesting concept.  I am also reading about how people use Facebook and Amazon to promote their e-books.

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