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Daily Thoughts 04/20/2013

August Edwin Mulready, A London Newsboy

Daily Thoughts 04/20/2013

This morning, I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library.  I also finished reading Not in the Club.  It is a very solid overview of how organizations create exclusive cultures which limit the growth of women's careers.

I also started reading Redshirts by John Scalzi.  It is darkly humorous.  In Star Trek, the Redshirts are the ensigns who die during the television show while the main characters survive.  This is the story of a few of the ensigns who try and change their destiny.  The show is set in a different, but similar show to Star Trek.  Instead of the Federation there is the Universal Union which has is something to ponder.  A lot of the members of the ship seem to know that ensigns have a tendency to not last on away missions  so they try different ways to avoid ending up on the bridge with the captain.

As the book progresses, the story becomes much more intense, dark, and humorous.  To add a little spoiler, some of the crew escape and talk to the writer of the show and it turns into an existential predicament.  There are questions of writers block, the fate of the characters, and what it means to be a character in a science fiction television show.

The writing is excellent.  John Scalzi was the president of the Science Fiction Writers of America.  He also wrote scripts for Stargate universe.  I have read a number of his other books including Old Man's War and Agent to the Stars.

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