Friday, September 12, 2014

Daily Thoughts 09/12/2014

                                        Adolphe Monet Reading in the Garden - Claude Monet

Adolphe Monet Reading in the Garden, Claude Monet, 1866

Daily Thoughts 09/12/2014

I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library this morning.  I also checked the displays and gift books.  I am using the book, Banned Books Challenging Our Freedom to Read by Robert P. Doyle to select books for our banned books display.  Banned Books Week is on September 21 through 27.

I spent some time talking to a colleague about our Adult Summer Reading statistics.  We turned in a summary report of statistics for Adult Summer Reading today.  I also spent a little time working on the survey for the library.  I am looking at the analytics available through Survey Monkey. I pulled the old GED books.  There is a new test in New York called the TASC -- Test Assessing Secondary Completion that replaces the GED.

I spent some time looking at options for an expanded computer lab space.   People want more computers in the library. They also want more computer training. I also worked with a colleague to order some e-books.

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