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Daily Thoughts 09/20/2014

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Ernst Rudolf, Reading a Book

Daily Thoughts 09/20/2014

This morning, I finished reading Acceptance by Jeff Vandermeer on the train to work.  I enjoyed reading the Southern Reach Trilogy.  The ending was very satisfying.  We learn more about Area X where a strange thing from another place or dimension has shown up beyond human understanding.  It changes biology in ways that are beyond anything human and makes people do strange and terrible things.  The story is creepy and gives a strong sense of the unknown and does a very good job touching on what is unknowable by human beings.

I checked the Twitter and Facebook this morning for the library.  I also checked the displays and the gift books.  My colleague is sitting in the Doric Hall entranceway asking people to sign up for library cards and handing out flyers for programs.  We have a table set up with literature from the library.  We printed up some of the information from the report, From Awareness to Funding from OCLC and some points from the Pew Internet study on libraries so we would have a few talking points to support the library.

I had my first request for Holiday Books.  A patron wanted some simple Christmas crafts.  It might be time to start bringing out the holiday materials.  I spent a little time preparing for the upcoming weeks orders.

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