Monday, September 28, 2015

Daily Thoughts 09/28/2015

Still Life with Fruit and Vegetables - Thomas Hart Benton
 Still Life With Fruit and Vegetables, Thomas Hart Benton, 1914

Daily Thoughts 09/28/2015

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook today.

I read some of Raising Caine by Charles E. Gannon this weekend.  I bought it at the local Barnes and Noble at the mall which is closing at the end of the year.  It has been at the mall for twenty years.  However, the economics have changed.  It makes more money to have a different kind of store in that location.

I like the premise of the story.  There are two branches of humanity one which was taken by aliens to fight on different worlds and the people on earth.  There are also a variety of different aliens who try and keep contact minimal between different species.  The book is military science fiction with a mix of diplomacy and spy craft.

I also read some more of Misbehaving the Making of Behavioral Economics.  I read about the concept of loss aversion or why people hold onto money and stocks without selling them even if they are doing poorly with their investments.

I checked my email today and did a little bit more work on the Latino Americans 500 Years of History Grant.  The brochure should be ready soon.

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Vonnegut Memorial Library Locking Up University Libraries Dean for Banned Books Week
Banned Books Week is this week.  We have a display of banned books.

People Love Public Libraries, But They Aren't Using Them

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