Monday, July 31, 2017

Daily Thoughts 07/31/2017

File:Burpee's farm annual - the best seeds that grow including rare novelties (1895) (19889547733).jpg
How to Cook Vegetables, BY MRS. S. T. RORER, Principal of the Philadelphia Cooking School. Every family wants a copy, as Mrs. Rdrer is acknowledged authority by the best housekeepers everywhere.1895

Daily Thoughts 07/31/2017

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

I did two booklists on Bookletters as well, a new fiction list, and a new nonfiction list.

I finished reading Work Clean The Life-Changing Power of Mise-En Place To Organize Your Life, Work, and Mind What Great Chefs Can Teach Us About Organization by Dan Charnas.   Mise En Place is a French organizational system taught in chef school and used by high end restaurants with large volumes of customers.  It requires preparation, organization, standardization, specific communication styles, and processes of doing things.

Dan Charnas describes different chefs experience with this process as they learn more and more complex positions in the kitchen.  He also takes the system and applies it to outside places like offices and technical startups.  It is an interesting book if you like food and want to understand how it is made in large restaurants.  It is also an organizational system and philosophy which teaches order in a fast paced work environment.

Each chapter describes a different organizational technique.  Then it gives a set of exercises to use that organizational technique in everyday life.  I found some of it useful.  I will probably be using some of the planning techniques.

I turned in my Ribbon Cutting Ceremony assignment today for a new library annex for the Planning and Management of Library Buildings class.  I am going to buy some graph paper for my next assignment.

I read some of Getting Started In Stock Analysis.  I am reading about balance sheets and income statements for publicly traded companies.

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