Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daily Thoughts 8/19/2009

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, 1906 edition.

Daily Thoughts 8/19/2009

Today has started out well. I went through the gift romance paperbacks. We get these by the truck load. I found some which are very new in good condition to add to the new arrivals section. Romance paperbacks are the most read novels in the english language. Women read a lot more novels than men. I have been sorting through the gift books and making some decisions on what to add lately.

I did some more weeding in the 800s today. It is a steady slow process. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein Dead and Alive Book Three came in for me to read. It is a nice break from more serious reading. I like the tone of the series.

Web Bits

Sometimes you find odd little things on the internet. Apparently an organization is setting up tables to give away free books in the subway. It is a rather interesting idea.

Paul Buckley's book cover designs. It includes a new cover of Moby Dick drawn by Tony Millionaire. I like the covers. They are very interesting.

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