Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daily Thoughts 8/29/2009

The King in Yellow Digital ID: 1258831. New York Public Library

The King In Yellow by Robert W. Chambers. Classic horror.

Daily Thoughts 8/29/2009

Today was another day to lay around and read. It is after all my vacation. I read some more of Songs of the Dying Earth Stories In Honor of Jack Vance. It is quite satisfying to read. Very relaxing.

I also drove to the Queens main library. I did not find what I was looking for a book on librarians and graphic novels. Still, I did go to the main library. I also spent some time driving around all over. I have to do the New York State Inspection for my car on Monday.

Today has not been particularly productive but it has been relaxing. A chance to read and think.

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