Monday, August 24, 2009

Daily Thoughts 8/24/2009

Sir Peter Beckford author of the early gothic novel, Vathek.

Daily Thoughts 8/24/2009

I am a little past half way reading through The Practice of Management by Peter Drucker. The more I read it, the more it comes across as a philosophy more than a science. I find it interesting that business books are considered to be scientific. Most are not even remotely practical. I would not say that about Peter Drucker, but about many business books. If you look at the New York Times Bestseller list on business many of them seem to be more about wish fulfillment and fantasy than practical decision making.

I have also started reading The Management Myth Why The Experts Keep Getting It Wrong by Matthew Stewart. Having gotten into the first chapter, it looks like it will be entertaining. The first thing which he says is that an MBA is not a guarantee for success in business. He also makes some entertaining statements about popular business books being little more than wish fulfillment. Most people are never going to run a giant corporation, reading these books makes them feel good and motivated. He describes how he became a management consultant.

Here I am at my local branch. It was a pleasant walk outside. The temperature is around 80 degrees fahrenheit and the sky is clear with a light wind. I am sitting at the library computer typing away. There is not anything which I want to check out. I might get a movie. I have not decided yet. Today has been relaxing. I am on vacation right now.

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