Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thoughts 8/1/2009 ( Latino Books Examiner )

Joseph Conrad, London, March 1... Digital ID: 486398. New York Public Library

Joseph Conrad, London, March 11, 1916, From New York Public Library Digital Gallery.

Thoughts 8/1/2009

I am at my local library right now. I went and looked at a couple books on writing and speaking this morning; basic stuff like Arco How To Write Research Papers and Public Speaking for Wimps. It was pleasant walking up here. I haven't been here for a couple of weeks. I picked up a copy of a serial gaming novel, Warhammer, Elfslayer by Nathan Long. It looks like easy mindless entertainment. Something to distract me from thinking too much.

This afternoon, I read some more of In Search Of Excellence. The book is writing about how overreliance on numbers can be detrimental. Financial numbers by their nature are designed to preserve capital. They are mainly used to rein in expenditures. Often qualitative factors like customer service and "good will" are hard to quantify even though they bring in revenue. Almost all of the factors identified in this book which bring excellence to a corporation are focused on people. This book is very much focused on the "human factor."

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I was looking at Twitter when I noticed this site, Latino Books Examiner. I found it interesting.

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