Friday, January 15, 2010

Daily Thoughts 1/15/2010

Library of William Jennings Bryan, 1896

Daily Thoughts 1/15/2010

Right now, I am thinking about donations. We get a lot of them regularly. They are handled by our friends group. We occassionally add some of them to our collection, but we are selective. We also sometimes pick up donations from other places as well. This is always something worth thinking about.

Yesterday, I worked a bit on flyers for the graphic novels club. Hopefully, it will go well this time. I am looking forward to doing it again. We are focusing on Watchmen this time. In February we are going to focus on shojo-- girls manga for the graphic novels club which would be a good choice for valentines day. Manga like Fruits Basket, Maison Ikokku, Blackbird, Nana, and others.

I also did a little more weeding. I am trying to do it a little bit every single day.

This is a new button for my sidebar. It is also a pledge to continue reading the printed word, not just ebooks.

Read the Printed Word!

Sometimes, you find things that are interesting. There is a Book Blogger Convention on May 28, 2010. I am not sure about this one, but it looks quite interesting.

I learned that Shannon Hale has a new graphic novel, Calamity Jack out. It is drawn by Nathaniel Hale. She drew Rapunzel's Revenge which I enjoyed a whole lot. I think it might be worth getting.


70steen said...

Just to say I will never read e books .. the printed work is so beautiful

Book Calendar said...

I follow the philosophy that a book is a device that there are different ways to present knowledge. An oversize coffee table book is not going to be replaced by a kindle nor a fine art book. An overpriced textbook would be fine and cheaper as an ebook.