Friday, January 8, 2010

Daily Thoughts 1/8/2010

Lucida handwriting. It has been proposed that schools in the United States eliminate handwriting. Handwriting was one of my strong points in school. I always had excellent penmanship. It encouraged me to read. There is something disquieting about eliminating cursive handwriting from the elementary schools.

Daily Thoughts 1/8/2010

I have been working on finding more local authors. It seems that there are two organizations that feed into where many of our local authors come from, The Cross Bronx, a Showcase for Bronx writers and The Hudson Valley Writers Center . I am almost half way through the Westchester Authors list.

I finished reading In The First Circle the First Uncensored Edition on the way home from work. I found it to be at points superb and fascinating. At other points it was just solid writing. It wavered between absolutely incredible and mediocre. Maybe it was the translator. I am not really sure.

I also finished watching I Claudius. I enjoyed the series tremendously. Rome has always fascinated me. When I was a teenager, I read a mix of Roman history and science fiction. I especially liked Of the Nature of Things by Lucretius, The Lives of the Twelve Caesars by Suetonius, The Golden Ass by Apuleius, and the Enchiridion by Epictetus. I remember my father reading me The Odyssey by Homer when I was young.

Maybe there is something compelling about finishing things. I like to finish what I start whether it is a book, a television series or a project like looking up local authors. This is true even if it is something which I am not particularly great at. There is a certain satisfaction in finishing things. I tend to finish what I start.

I have started reading Brain Rules 12 Principles of Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School by John Medina.

Looked at The Penguin Classics Graphic Covers. My favorite is the whale by Tony Millionaire.

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