Saturday, January 23, 2010

Daily Thoughts 1/23/2010

Portrait of a man with a Book. // York Art Gallery Parmigianino, 16th Century, from Wikimedia

Daily Thoughts 1/23/2010

So far my favorite section in The Medieval Craft of Memory is by Thomas Bradwardine, On Acquiring A Trained Memory. He describes some very interesting ideas. Place is viewed as a kind of wax tablet where people can store memories. Bradwardine suggests that it is easy to use small quiet rectangular spaces to store memories; a small garden and a study are two examples. He also suggests that memories be stored in sequence, using three, five, or seven objects at a time. There is a differentiation between images and words.

The text of The Medieval Craft of Memory consists of a variety of different articles by various medieval scholars. Many of them are just becoming available in english. Most were originally in latin.

New York Comic Con offers free professional passes for librarians and educators on Friday October 8, 2010.

Today has been a nice quiet day to relax.

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