Saturday, January 9, 2010

Daily Thoughts 1/9/2010

Chitaite kooperativnuiu litera... Digital ID: 416645. New York Public Library

Read the Cooperatives Literature 1918

Daily Thoughts 1/9/2010

I watched the half hour dvd which came with the book Brain Rules by John Medina. It was a summary of 12 rules to make your brain work better. Most of it made sense; repeat to remember, combine senses to make a more powerful presentation, exercise to think better, sleep to think better, take a nap in the afternoon, and other maxims. It challenged the idea that cubicles and classrooms were the best place to learn. The humor was a little silly. There were little factual bits like Starbucks makes sure that the coffee aroma is the first thing which you smell when you come into their stores. This is the first popular science hardcover I have seen with a dvd that came with the book. I have seen other books with audio samples.

I think this will be more common as it becomes cheaper to produce discs and put them in books. The other book which I read with a disc was I Can Make You Thin which has a hypnosis cd that comes with it. Paul McKenna has another book with a hypnosis cd included, I Can Make You Sleep. Both of these have sold a lot of copies of books.

I ended my account today for Myspace. It has become a space that seems to be focused on music and pop culture two things which are not my strong points.

Right now, I am at my local library. I took a walk to stretch my legs and now am sitting at the computers. I'm not taking anything out today.

Tomorrow, I am going to the Morgan Library as part of the New York Librarians meetup group. There is a Jane Austen exhibit.


ibdragon said...

I think I need more than 12 rules to make my brain better. Sounds like an interesting book.

Book Calendar said...

Brain Rules is a practical book. What it says is far more important than the prose.