Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daily Thoughts 6/20/2010

Berthe Morisot, The Mother and Sister of the Artist, National Gallery of Art, 1869-1870, Washington DC. USA

Daily Thoughts 6/20/2010

I started reading Bootlegger's Daughter by Margaret Maron for my Readers Advisory 101 course. It is a mystery. Pretty soon, I will have finished reading all the background reading for the course. I like being ready well beforehand for these things.

I took some time to join up with the social media aspects of the New York Library Association. I have NYLA on twitter, NYLA New Members Roundtable, the Facebook page for NYLA, and The Facebook New Members Roundtable for NYLA. This should be interesting. I also found a group on Linked In for NYLA and applied. Every day, I am going to take a bit to look at NYLA's resources.

I read some of Bootlegger's Daughter at the laundromat today. It is not something I would have picked up on my own. I prefer noire, hard boiled, and police procedurals when I read mystery. This mystery really does not fit into these categories. It is a mystery set in North Carolina featuring a woman attorney who is investigating the death of a woman who died over a decade ago. There is a lot about southern politics and life. The Readers Advisory 101 class is introducing me to some new ideas already.


Rebecca said...


I spoke very briefly at the Book Bloggers Convention in NYC at the end of BEA,
May 28th. We're still reeling down here in Nashville and the need for books is
great. I've partnered with a local agency to help with our book project, A Dry
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I've blogged about it on my page, Please visit and pass
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Thanks so much-
Becky Brothers
Reader With a Capital "R"

Book Calendar said...

Thanks, I took a look, posted to twitter and my blog. It was nice seeing you. Hope you do well with your project.