Monday, June 7, 2010

Daily Thoughts 6/7/2010

Central building, cartoons : O... Digital ID: 465329. New York Public Library

Central building, cartoons : Outside of that cowboy book I showed you there ain't a decent book in the whole darn place.

Daily Thoughts 6/7/2010

It is Internet Week here in New York. It should be interesting following it.

Today has been quiet. We had a meeting today focusing on things which need to be done. We are working on the Bookletters page, shifting books in the storage area, making sure the items from Book Expo America are processed as well as some items that were pulled from the book sale to be added to the collection, and working on creating bookmarks for Spanish and Portuguese language books.

I am also thinking about creating a suggested material forms for the web site so patrons can request us to buy books and other items, as well as getting ready for my graphic novels program and poetry program next week. The suggest a materials form is fairly common on library websites. It is a matter of creating an email form in html that is not too complicated.

I read a little bit more of Rex Riders on the train. It is quite entertaining; an alien dinosaur planet, triceratops tearing up the town store, square dances, and cattle ranches. It makes for a good story with plenty of adventure which will appeal to young men of all ages.

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