Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daily Thoughts 6/29/2010

The New Novel, Winslow Homer, 1877 Museum of Fine arts, Springfield, Mass

Daily Thoughts 6/29/2010

We spent some time talking with a gentleman from GO2 media design about redesigning our website. They have designed a number of other library websites. http://www.go2mediadesign.com/taxonomy/term/49

I spent some time reading Jason Shhhh! an almost silent comic with a variety of slice of life scenes. They are curious with black and white line art. It is hard to describe the exact nature of the art. I rather like it. This is a link to an article about it. http://www.newsarama.com/comics/Jason-Almost-Silent-100129.html

Two new books came in for to read, Deank Koontz's Frankenstein lost souls and Fitzpatrick's War by Theodore Judson.

Today has been fairly quiet. It was a chance to look at the displays and put some orders together as well as get ready for some meetings on telephone customer service, a staff meeting, and a meeting on using electronic ordering for our library this week.

I also had a chance to read some more Harry Mintzberg's Managing. I am reading a bit about the concept in leadership of moving away from I to we. The point is to be more team oriented and speak and identify as part of a community. This is difficult in some ways. He uses the word communityship which is a concept which I'm trying to get my mind around.


MTimonin said...

I started Dean Koontz' Frankenstein books. I found the concept interesting but the execution lacking.

Amy said...

LOVE the Homer picture....I'd like to imagine that's me!
Just found your blog through RhodesReviews webblog. Great stuff.


Book Calendar said...

Dean Koontz started as a science fiction writer. He is now writing bestsellers which have a simplistic style that are almost cartoonish. In fact many of them have been turned into "graphic novels". I thought the Frankenstein series were better as a graphic novel. http://www.deankoontz.com/frankenstein-prodigal-son/
He definitely is not using a literary style. The writing is purely escapist and is very vernacular. I liked it because I recognized it for what it was.

Book Calendar said...

I like seeing where people come to visit from. Thank you. http://rhodesreview.com/