Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daily Thoughts 2/10/2011 (The Content Management Bible)

Henri Fantin-Latour, The Two Sisters, 1859, Oil On Canvas

Daily Thoughts 2/10/2011

Today, I spent some more time working on my technology grant, checked the displays, updated the Twitter account, and did a little bit of weeding in the 800s.  I also checked the email reference.  We are getting more email reference lately.

We had lunch with one of my colleagues who had been laid off.  She is going to be doing a library internship at The Museum of Conjuring Arts which is about magic tricks, hypnosis, and old fashioned trickery.

The book, The Web Content Strategist's Bible by Richard Sheffield came in for me to read through interlibrary loan.  I am enjoying reading The Content Management Bible by Bob Boiko.   The author is discussing how to implement and choose content management systems.  There is a step by step process which is fascinating.  I find reading Bob Boiko like reading the philosophy of data.

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kevin blumer said...

now that sounds like a fun job magic trick its just the quickeness of the hand or illusions but it would be something good to get in to