Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daily Thoughts 2/20/2011 (Ebooks, The World In 2050)

Sitzende Bronzestatue eines Zeitungslesers in der Fußgängerzone in Heidelberg. Selbst fotografiert Carl Frieder Kathe Januar 2006.

Daily Thoughts 2/20/2011

I have been reading some more of The World in 2050.  The author is describing how the United States during World War II opened the Canadian frontier in the Arctic with roads as part of the war effort.  Laurence C. Smith also describes how Stalin created cities in the Arctic as part of the gulag system as well as a way to get at the oil and gas reserves in a very cold part of the world.

I also spent some time on Scribd today. It is amazing the kinds of things which people will put up on Scribd.  There is a lot of muckraking journalism which you will not find anywhere else.

I also spent a little more time on the library twitter account.  It will slowly grow every single day.

I watched an animated version of The Man In The Iron Mask.  It was a light diversion, not as good as the book of course.

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