Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daily Thoughts 2/27/2011 (We Claim These Stars, The Digital Experience)

Nihonzutsumi no rakugan tamaya uchi Tamagushi, Print shows Tamagushi, a courtesan, full-length portrait, with several hairpins, seated, reading a scroll; picture hanging on the wall above her shows geese descending on the Nihon embankment.  Date Created/Published: [between 1818 and 1822]

Daily Thoughts 2/27/2011

I finished reading Designing The Digital Experience by David Lee King.  This book takes a different approach to designing websites.  It focuses on the customers experience inside a web site.  It is very much Web 2.0 focused and describes services like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.  For David Lee King a website is more than just content and service; it is the total experience which a person has when visiting a site. The site must be easy to use, easy to find things on, browsable, searchable, and focused.  I liked the concept of merit badging or collecting experiences.  I collect experiences when I visit conventions or go to meetings then I write them down here.

I am starting reading an old Ace paperback with the code G-697 which is a series code used by Ace books.  The title is We Claim These Stars by Poul Anderson.  It is classic science fiction from 1959.  It features the character "Flandry of Terra."

This was classic science fiction with a flamboyant character.  I like that Clive's, Flandry's assistant used growth hormone to heal his wounds.  There is something old fashioned about this. The cover art for the book is by Kelly Freas, it has a nostalgic, slightly cheesy, sparkly look to it.  I like Kelly Freas's artwork, it is very expressive.  It is also a much faster, shorter read than todays science fiction novels.  Hopefully, the web will open up shorter form science fiction again.  Things which you can read in several hours.

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david lee king said...

Hey - glad you liked the book!

Book Calendar said...

Thanks for coming by. I did like the book.